Computer Lab

Mrs. Carter’s Computer Lab 

Every 3-6th Windsor student can use their google login name at to sign in and practice their typing.  Lexia and Imagine Math Facts/Learning both use students id numbers to log in. If you child doesn’t have this memorized, it’s in skyward.  The site code for Imagine Math Facts/Learning is 4900030.  The Utah Online Library (frequently used in 4th-6th) is a great research tool.  The login and password can be found in google classroom.

All the links and sites we use during computer class are included in the categories below.  Students can also use these at home.  They are approved safe sites. Google Classroom is our main source of assignments and projects.


Raz Kids

Imagine Math Facts

Imagine Learning/Espanol


Google Classroom

Computer Class Arrival & Rules

Come in quietly and respectfully.

Sanitize your hands
Do Self-Starts
No Food, Gum or Drinks
Work Quietly
Please do not change computer settings or backgrounds
Don’t touch the screens or anyone else’s computer space
Be gentle with the mouse and keyboard
Leave your area neat, clean, and organized
Help others with your mouth not their mouse
Keep your hands on your computer only
Open only your work

Internet Rules

Surf safely and stay on approved websites
No email
No chatting
Never give out personal information

 Dismissal Procedures

When you hear signal, do the following:
Headphones on computer hooks
Straighten keyboard and mouse
Gather materials and trash
Push in chair and stand behind it until dismissed

Important Computer Lab Information

Class Description
I am very excited to be your teacher and I am looking forward to a great year together!
My goal is to have each child become confident and wise while using the computer and internet. We will be learning many skills that will help them to become efficient at using the computer and internet. We will also be working hard on keyboarding with upper grades.
Goals and Objectives
Utah has developed a Core Curriculum which outlines standards of learning that are essential for all students at each elementary grade level. The curriculum includes ideas, concepts, and skills to provide a foundation on which subsequent learning may be built. The curriculum for each grade level can be accessed on the Utah State Office of Education’s websites at:
Instructional Practices listed below are a few
of the activities, projects, and skills we will be working on:
  • How the internet works
  • Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
    How to use Google Suite (doc, sheets, forms, drawings etc)
    How to research using Utah Online Library & Safe Sites
    Virtual Fieldtrips
    Garage Band and Photo Booth
    Podcasts and Ipods
    iLife, Scratch and Code
    Computer Hardware
    Digital Photography, Green Screen
    Impact of Technology and Careers in Technology

Grading Procedures

The grade for computer class with be a pass or fail. It will be determined by participation, completion of assignments, and citizenship.